Pros and Cons of Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing - Risks, After care & Dealing with Infections and Pain

New fashion trend of belly button piercing is highly demand-able and at very low risk. This type of piercing is something like a curved barbell-shaped piece of jewellery which is just pierced on the above side of belly button. In a short way, if we talk about belly button piercing so it is a meaningless because of its easy way without any unsafe matter. Deciding a belly button piercing has some dangerous assumptions on the other hand because it has some risks which should be remember to think first before taking this step. There might appear a sign of infection after belly button piercing that from infectious and harmful bacteria, bleeding in an excess amount, tissue scar (includes thick, discolored keloid scars), nerve damaging, allergies due to the metal present in the jewellery. These dangerous symptoms of piercing can be avoided through some identical ways of getting this fashion in a professional manner.
pros and cons of belly button piercing
Wisely select the clean and reputable shop licensed for piercing and tattoos.
Do not make yourself in a hurry to get the piercing and tattoos from any of your friends and relatives because they do not have a proper idea of how to do this. Make sure to search few shops that are reputable in their work and included the experts of this profession and then decide to go ahead. The expertise will always do this safely and there would be definitely have the risks of any nerve damage or infection. See online about the websites contain good reviews and comments from the earlier customers so you can understand the highly trustworthy and upright.

Always try to consider for a clean and hassle free shop. Once you have found the exact shop, go there and ask them for an appointment, try to know the whole structure of a shop and take a look around it, if you do not find it clean and safe, reject the shop and look for another. But if you think that it will be good to get then ask them for their detailed procedure of sterilization. They will give you details and introduce you with their products that they use like pre-packed disposable needles, or whether an autoclave for sterilizing the instruments. Ask them to see their instruments. They will take you to a room to which you should be realize that if the room is clean and the machinery which is present there is clean and safe and the instruments are placed in packages or not also the belly rings which you are about to get pierced in your belly or navel button is clean and new.

If the shop workers do not explain these important informatory aspects, do not follow them and return. Listen to your nature that what will be better for your purpose becomes true. Start looking for the other shop to which you find every important note at first and then take a decision to have tattoos.
After knowing the instructions and seeing the whole shop, if you think that it is looking good according to your needs and point of view then go ahead. Take a schedule for an appointment. The very first precaution is that you should always try to wear loose-fitting t-shirts and low-cut pants because hard-fitting clothes can cause pain at the time of piercing and the case becomes complicated.
pros and cons of belly navel piercing
Now you are getting ready for piercing, one you lie back down, Start breathing a deep. While sitting there, note down all the steps they do like the instruments they have taken for you are packed in a plastic bag and while taken out the instruments, they break the seal on the plastic. These instruments are something like the kitchen accessories such as tongs which look small to pinch up the skin in the place you want to pierce. They will then ask you to take a deep breath so that the skin gets thicker and then with the thread and needle they will sew through the area. In the hole, the jewelry will be threaded you chose and bring out with you. The ball closure that is threaded will be tightened. Now your belly button is safely pierced. It is not done yet because the piercer will sit in front of you and aware you with the after care procedures of piercing to which you would have to follow properly to avoid any complications and infections.

The piercing method of belly button looks so simple and clean if the piercer you have appointed is experienced and take care of your jewelry but there may be sometimes a long term infections take place due to which your skin can be bulge. But you do not have to worry about that if you take a good decision and going to a highly regarded piercer who is using sanitized techniques of piercing very gently. It approximately takes 4 to 5 months of caring belly button piercing to heal it completely in the stipulation of keeping it clean.

You will read few tips here for caring your jewellery

1.  Wash your Hands properly before Touching your Piercing

Buy a separate bar of antibacterial soap that cannot be related to the others who use after using the restroom. Make sure do not use the common soap that everyone uses. Although you can also take hand wash liquid this does not contain any type of fragrance. Every time, you will have to remember that by touching piercing without washing your hands can be risky and cause infection. But if you care it, you will be definitely safe.

2.  Cleaning of Piercing

Wash your belly button very smoothly with the help of soap at least 3 times a day. Rotate the jewellery as to clean the area around the piercing hole. Do not use hard hands for avoid any danger of damaging the healing tissues. Sit for a minute so that the soap get absorbed and then rinse off with the lukewarm water.

3.  Wash your Bed-Covers Regularly

Remember to wash your bed sheets and blankets habitually because it should be clean and out of any germs. Importantly, at the time of go to sleep through stomach.

4.  Wear Clean, Loose-Fitting Clothes

Do not wear heavy or tight clothes because it will not leave you comfortable all the day during the healing process of belly button and if in case there should be any scratch appear on your belly button due to rubbing of clothes then it must be very sensitive and complicated. So always wear loose clothes for the ventilation to get it in your body and to avoid any irritation.

Pros and Cons of Belly Button Piercings

5.  Do not Bath or Swim

Avoid swimming for few months in the swimming pools. Standing through the water can port all sorts of bacteria present in it. Take showers only.

6.  Do not Remove your Jewellery

Removing the jewellery can make the site for bacteria to get in the hole but also the hole will be closed and you will not be able to wear the jewellery again. So wait a while and let your hole be cleaned and healed properly.

7.  Check your Ball Closure Regularly

Use a disposable paper and check if your piercing is closed and tight several times a day before and after cleaning.

8.  Make sure that your Jewellery is clean before Getting it to Pierced

It might be possible that there is some corrosion is happened which we sometimes do not see with our naked eye. So be sure that you are buying the newly prepared jewellery without any rusting affects.

9.  Use Jewellery made with Stainless Steal

Using different jewellery made with various kinds of metals can cause effects. So it is nice to wear jewellery made with stainless steel to avoid any danger to the belly button piercing. Wrong metal can scar your tissues and damage your nerve. So if these all points would be noticed perfectly by you then you will never afraid of piercing and can get the better piercing.

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How to Care Your Belly Button


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