How to Get Rid of Scabies

Home Remedies for Scabies

Scabies, in some senses is known to be as a disease that attacks in some different parts of the body and produces rashes like small red bumps and blisters. The disease may be found on the areas such as between the fingers, wrists, knees, breast areas, elbows, waist, feet, genital areas and the buttocks. The reason of producing this disease could be sexual misconduct and hygienic presence. Mostly people deny accepting that they have suffered with scabies because the symptoms can be shown later and they do not feel at the earliest time. There may be several ways due to which scabies can be transferred from skin to skin transmission but it does not any close contact. Scabies is actually causes by mites (bugs) that named as “Sarcoptes Scabiei” which is dangerous for the skin as it burrows in it for producing intense itching, especially at the night timing because the scabies mites are most active on the night.
how to get rid of scabies fast
Scabies should be properly treated at the early stages otherwise people do not control themselves from scratching those areas where they have attacked by the scabies. From scratching, they would also go through the secondary condition of bacterial infection. There should be appropriate treatment given by the physician. Scabies are mostly prevalently occurs in the nursing homes, day care centers and at all school levels. It should be done with monitoring the medications. Homeopathic scabies medicines and OTC scabies treatments are available everywhere in the world in which the easy and affordable home remedies for getting rid of scabies as soon as possible. These home remedies are prepared for reducing the itchy symptoms and for drying up the blisters, rash and bumps. There are certain ways to get rid of scabies with the help of useful home remedies. These are as follows:

1.  Tea Tree Oil

The oil taken from tea tree is found to be very natural and successful in getting relief from the rashes caused by the scabies. It has powerful resistance to fight against scabies mites and parasites. Tea tree oil is also highly recommended by the physicians. It actually contains a substance called as terpenoids which has beneficial effects to heal the wounds formed by scabies, both inside and outside the skin surfaces. By adding some quantity of tea tree oil in the bath water, you will found quick change in the rash and blisters causes by scabies outbreaks.

2.  Borax

Borax is a kind of chemical which contains hydrogen peroxide that helps in addressing the fungicide and insecticide infections. It helps in killing the scabies mites. It directly affects the mites under the skin and destroys the outward coating which works as protecting the scabies mites. The coating in this way will dry up and die so the mites would not be able to reach under the skin. The application method of borax is that soak some quantity of borax with water together. Use 2 cups of borax in the bath water. Continue this method daily for the several time and you will found a newly change into your skin.

3.  Neem Oil

Neem oil also contains some healing properties to kill scabies mites and make them stop to grow and breed into your skin. They would immediately lose the ability of being survive any more by introducing with the neem oil. Neem oil also helps in numb the pain and leaves the skin soft and smooth after killing mites. It is also available as a soap so you can make your habit of taking bath with the use of neem soap so you can protect yourself from any kind of infectious diseases.

4.  Bleach

Bleach is known to be the great disinfectant and purifier to stop the healing process and dry up the infections caused by the scabies. It is a chlorine product. Use it daily for taking bath by adding a cup of bleach into the three parts of water and let it soak for a while. Take a shower to rinse off the bleach. Do not let the bleach to reach into your eyes or face.

5.  Clove Oil

Clove is one of the popular food spices and the oil secreted from the clove contains its own properties like analgesic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. Clove oil is very essential for getting rid of rash and scabies blisters by making it dry and is also contain preventing action upon secondary scratching infections. Combine clove oil, honey and water together and apply as an antiseptic mixture. 

6.  Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter gourd has a bitter taste and is known to be the admirable and successful remedy for reducing out the scabies marks on the skin. Bitter gourd has the fiber contents, minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, iron, folate, manganese, and phosphorus. Add some lime juice in the bitter gourd juice and drink it daily for a week.

7.  Bush Tea

Bush tea is a native plant of Africa. It is usually available in many food, health and herbal stores so it is easily to buy. The plant is suitable for many medicinal treatments and infections. It has been tested that Bush tea is also effective for the scabies symptoms as the prescribed medicine called as “Permethrin”. It is full of anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-carcinogenic functions that are useful for controlling itching due to scabies and rash.

8.  Rosemary

Rosemary is also found to be very natural remedy used to stop the invasions occurs due to the scabies. If you will start to treat the infected areas at the initial stage with rosemary, your skin will gradually get rid of scabies and rash. Use it by pouring very hot water of rosemary and dried leaves, let it cool and wash the infected skin. Do it often as 3 times a day.

9.  Zinc

Zinc is an anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial product and is greatly well known as the healing product of secondary infections that occur on the skin. It works by regulating the immune system and heals the damaged cells of the skin so the scabies and rashes under the skin are reduced certainly. Zinc can be possibly available in the form of tablets, powder and as a zinc oxide ointment. If you want to apply the zinc on the affected areas then you can easily make a zinc tablet and powder paste and apply directly on the skin.

10.  Turmeric

Turmeric is a regular spice that is very effective for the skin problems. It is actually beneficial for killing the adult scabies mites and their parasitic eggs. The best method of using turmeric is as follows:
  • Add 1 tsp of turmeric in a small bowl
  • Add few drops of neem oil
  • Make  a smooth paste
  • Dab the areas affected by the scabies with the help of using cotton swab or cotton ball then let it dry for some hours.
  • Shower off the lingering.


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