Top 10 Normal Symptoms of Menstruation

Top 10 Symptoms those are Perfectly Normal during Menstruation

Every woman has different way of menstrual cycle and its flow. During the process of menstruation, your body and hormones start to be changed and release in a certain different behaviors. The uterine lining sheds the blood and this blood flow remains probably for three to five days of your menstrual cycle length. It is a normal condition found during the menstrual cycle that a woman will feel some symptoms before and during her cycle due the variations begin in her hormones. Few women do not feel so many symptoms and easily going through their periods but rarely some of these common symptoms are mood swings, back pain and cramping abdomen.

Top 10 Symptoms of Menstruation
If a woman does not get the knowledge about how the periods do come and through which circumstances she has to be gone so she becomes worried and stressed that there is something wrong with her body. So it is necessary to find some basic knowledge about the menstrual cycle and its effects so you do not get confused with your body. Every woman experiences the menstrual symptoms from time to time. For your comfort, here are some of the normal symptoms that you would be suffered with during your menstrual cycle and surely you will better understand the normal issues concerned with your cycle. These are as follows:

1.  Painful Breasts

Before your periods are due, you will feel that your breasts become tender and large, also feel a little pain just because of the heaviness and swelling in your breasts. In this condition, a woman should not be worry because it happens for a fewer time due to the progesterone hormone release in your body during menstruation.

You can treat yourself own by applying a cold compress on your breasts area. It will relief the pain and swelling. You can also take a massage with the help of olive or coconut oil.

2.  Acne and Pimples on the Skin

The majority of women have the oily skin texture. Skin problem is a common symptom during menstrual periods. Acne and pimples appear on the skin, especially on the oily skin. The reason behind this situation is your body secretes hormones, called androgen and sex hormones in an excess amount due to which your skin glands become more active and your skin would have clogged pores.

To hide the acne and pimples, apply a bit amount of toothpaste only on the affected areas then allow it to dry then wash out with cold water. You also have an option to apply cold compress on the affected areas so you will be relaxed and will not feel any inflammation on your skin.

3.  Swelling and Puffiness in Body

It is another common symptom that happens to almost every woman that they do not want to do any work because they feel weak and puffy during their menstrual cycle. This is because your body, during your periods get imbalance of hormones and release estrogen hormone in a severe amount due to which the fluid is accumulated in your body tissues and cause water retention so you feel fatigue and tired.

Some of your body parts that are highly targeted are feet, legs, breasts and stomach. Water retention will gradually pass out from your body after your cycle ends. Make a parsley or dandelion tea and drink daily to get relief. If you feel severe pain and swelling in your body so you can also take a bath with Epsom salt for 20 minutes a day.

4.  Bloated Stomach

Bloating is the most common among the symptoms of menstrual cycle. It is noticed that 8 out of 10 women suffer with the bloating stomach before and at the time of periods. Bloated stomach feels near to the abdominal area due to which a feeling of abdominal cramps starts. During the cycle, the body secretes estrogen and progesterone hormones that are the causes of water retention. This symptom is really unbearable and irritating.

Drink plenty of water to reduce the bloating stomach. You can also make an herbal tea of ginger, fennel, chamomile or green tea; these all will help you get relief from the bloating. Meanwhile, you are strictly recommended not to take salt, starch, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

5.  Blood Clots

Many women feel small lumps or clots during their menstrual cycle, on the other hand some women do not feel clots but a fluid like flow, both of these conditions are normal alike. The color of the blood clots may be bright red, dark red, brown or even black.

This symptom leads to the severe abdominal cramps so to reduce the symptom, you should use cold compress on the part of your lower abdomen for approximately 20 minutes, few times a day. In case, the blood clots are large in quantity, you must go to the gynecologist.
Normal Symptoms during Menstruation

6.  Brown Blood Discharge

It is completely harmless when you see some brown blood discharge during your cycle. The color of the menses varies from periods to periods so there is no any sign of harm. It is just because when your blood stays in the ovaries for a long period of time so it becomes oxidized and changes the color itself from red to brown.

After noticing the brown discharge, you should take parsley and fresh papaya in your daily diet which will prevent you from having abnormal color discharge.

7.  Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms that occur during the menstruation. These symptoms occur due to some reason that is your body produces prostaglandins during the cycle due to which the uterine walls become to contract and expand, leading cramps and nausea. Nausea remains for a fewer time so it is not a serious condition. But if you feel vomiting or become tired so you can do the following remedy to reduce the symptom as soon as possible.

Take a small piece of fresh lemon and smell it for a while, nausea will be reduced. Another thing you can do is drink peppermint and ginger tea to avoid vomiting.

8.  Loose Bowel Movements

Another natural thing happens to some of the women is Bowel movements. It occurs during the first few days of your periods. The reason behind this symptom is the changing in hormone levels and the body releases a chemical, named as prostaglandins. If it produces in the higher amount then diarrhea-like symptoms will be shown.

To avoid this problem, take bananas and yogurt in your diet, Boiled potatoes with lightly cooked rice are also good to ease the loose Bowel movements.

9.  Rise in Body Temperature

The raised body temperature is also a part of your menstrual cycle. This is a normal condition that is eliminated easily after the menstruation ends. Due to the hormonal fluxes, the body temperature becomes higher than usually normal temperature.

The basal body temperature increases after the ovulation starts in your body and it continues until your next period is due. To reduce the intensity of the symptoms like fever, headaches, body pain and muscle aches, drink at least 3 cups of basil or ginger tea. Take a sponge and lukewarm water bath to keep your body relaxed and reduce the body’s temperature.

10.  Headache

Due to the hormonal changes in your body, headaches in such a way are a normal part of your cycle. Estrogen and progesterone affect the headache-related chemicals found in the brain. Some women complain with migraines before and at the time of their periods.

Apply a cold compress on your forehead to ease the pain. Take a handful of fresh mint leaves and extract its juice then apply this juice on your forehead. Exercise may also help like yoga and deep breathing.


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