How to Stop Breastfeeding

How to Wean from Breastfeeding

It is strictly necessary for the baby to have breastfeeding for the first six years of her life. After six months, the stomach of the baby needs different food and taste so you should give her soft foods like mashed banana, cereal, etc. along with the breast milk.

When your baby’s age reached to one year, now there is a time to grow with eating fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals. So this is the time when you can decide to stop breastfeeding completely called weaning your baby from your breast.
how to stop breastfeeding
You will need to give her a little amount first of formula milk instead of breast milk with gradually increasing the amount so the baby’s stomach can accept the formula milk. For the change, you can mix breast milk and formula milk together.

Yes, it is a disappointing and emotional experience for a mother to give up breastfeeding to her child but on the other hand, she seems happy that her baby is finally backed with its proper growth.

Mothers should not be upset as the breastfeeding is the beginning step of her relationship with her baby and it continues through the life thereafter with a close bond.

When is the Right time to Stop Breastfeeding?

Discuss with the breastfeeding experts for the right time to stop breastfeeding as they can give you better advice. But at some extent, it is up to you that at what time you want to give up breastfeeding to your baby or toddler.

As much as the baby breastfeed, more she will feel comfort and reassurance from her mother. It is just like a closeness of baby with her mother. Generally, it is recommended to breastfeed your baby for 2 years of her life so it is better to decide on your pace that when you need to stop breastfeeding.

How do I Go about Stopping Breastfeeding?

Once your baby is habitual of eating different foods, she will automatically reduce the breastfeeding at some point. If you want to stop it completely then follow the steps given below:
  • Stage One: First let your baby finish the full breastfeed then offers her a small portion of food. Give her different flavors and textures of food. But still let her breastfeed with her own choice.
  • Stage Two: You will see changes in her poo when she is eating well. Before breastfeed, try to give her foods at her mealtimes. Do this for many times a day.
  • Stage Three: Try to give her water in a soft-spouted cup or glass instead of breastfeed.

How long will it take to Stop Breastfeeding?

Usually, it takes around few weeks to stop breastfeeding when you will notice that your baby is getting bored with it as she likes the taste of other foods. Maximum time of stopping breastfeeding is a month and six months.

Every child is different so it depends on you that how you can handle the time of breastfeeding your baby and also depends on your baby that how many times she wants to breastfeed. Once you will see that your baby is ready to stop, weaning may be easier for you. Do not offer your baby to breastfeed and then see what happens, but do not refuse if she wants.

Do not breastfeed very shortly; it will be uncomfortable for your breast as it may get inflamed, engorged and painful which is called mastitis.

Gradual approach is best to stop breastfeeding. You should need to follow the three stages above through which you can be success in your mission. Once you start tried giving your child decreasing amount of breast milk, your milk supply will be shortened as just the drops.
when to stop breastfeeding

What if my Baby does not want to Stop Breastfeeding?

Be patient if your baby does not willing to stop breastfeeding. Still she enjoys the softness of your breast as well as it provides nourishing. You can try from the following:
  • Comfort her in Other Ways
Try using different foods to give her in the replacement of breast milk. You can divert her mind by singing a poem or song, playing games, moving your hands in air, clapping, etc.
  • Postponing Feeds
When your toddler asks you to breastfeed, tell her that you will feed her later and then suddenly get her busy in other activities. At that time, try eating her food.
  • Pick your Movement
Often it may seem that the children who are ill will need more requirements of breast milk. They never let their mother anywhere. Similarly, if you have gone to work or moved from house, your child will have a change in her mood and still adjusting and controlling the need of breast milk. Try this tip every month, sooner or later.